Most wars in today’s world start by words. War isn’t just related to bombs or missiles or numerous people dying in fight. War is fought against in each and every corner around the globe, on playgrounds, in homes, at the office as well as in every community. Yet it’s rare to determine these wars begin with no exchange of words. After thorough analysis someone somewhere should have stated something to ignite the fuse.

Within the bible it’s written: ‘if any man among you appear to become religious and bridleth not his tongue but deceiveth their own heart, this mans religion is vain.’ Our test is as lethal because the physical blows that people strike on each other. Our words tend to consider a location within the recollections of others. For this reason the Bible advices us to become slow to talk and provide a little bit of thought and consideration for other people.

In everything we all do, music, books, talks, discussions, conversations, someone reaches the finish of all things that people say. If our intention would be to hurt them only then do we will accomplish this it doesn’t matter what excuse we might have behind our actions. Within the bible it’s written: ‘Do everything without murmurings, and disputing.’ The bible also teaches us to shun profane and vain babblings, to place away filthy communication and blasphemy because this would bring us lower a way of ungodliness. We are able to see here that even just in our belief we ought to curtail our tongue and never speak vain words that may get us in danger.

However goodness is faithful towards us and it has provided us with an antidote to those words. Within the bible it’s also written, ‘Also take no heed unto all words which are spoken lest thou hear thy servant curse thee: for frequently occasions also thine own heart knoweth that thou thyself likewise hast cursed others.’ These test is the antidote to individuals words we hate to listen to. They tell us that around you want to believe that we’re the sufferers of harsh words, at some point within our lives we’d done exactly the same to other people. No one is freed from crime. If we could look beyond our very own persecution and also at individuals we have done exactly the same to in pastimes only then do we will find the courage and dignity to leave behind the tough words which come our way.