Headlines for example “A-levels – Greatest pass rate ever!”

– Products in the news reporting an impressive increase in A-grades achieved.

Are you wondering why, if they are true, youthful consumers appear to become obsessive about video games and cell phone technology why they do not, generally, decide to read books why literacy and numeracy standards have fallen to some worrying level?

If today’s education product is so better than something that went before, why can’t we have seen proof of it whenever we browse around us in society?

Like a priority, we have to consider whether today’s education product is in fact failing our kids.

Let us ask first, what’s ‘education’? …

Could it be ‘learning’? I’d reason that the majority of our learning, throughout our way of life, happens outdoors school. But for your understanding how to be recognized and valued in the current society, you’ll need a recognised sheet of paper to ‘prove’ you’ve studied.

Much government literature and guidelines for student teachers defines education as teaching children to consider on their own, and also to enjoy learning and obtaining understanding because of its own sake. But when you are in to the system, it’s apparent that it’s only results that count. And kids are encouraged so that you can reproduce details to be able to pass examinations or assignments.

Making this not encouraging the romance of learning however the passion for diplomas and certificates etc to exhibit potential employers.

I recommend this technique is also an effort to improve schools’ ratings in league tables, perhaps because of New Labour’s technique of performance-related funding!

The British education system has turned into a production line, exclusively worried about the end result. Youngsters are trained the skill of succeeding in assessments. Significant understanding becomes of secondary importance. We are too just pressure-feeding our kids with details for the advantage of league tables and also the achievement of presidency targets?

Responsible for schools and colleges today are lots of managers without any background in education, only running a business. This ‘marketisation of education’ is becoming more essential compared to actual procedure for learning.

It should be appreciated precisely what education is actually about or. The students` interests should be put before political agendas. And true understanding along with a passion for learning should be put before targets and financial factors.