Whether they come from clothes, objects or gift wrappings that aren’t needed any longer, ribbons seem to make a secure place for themselves in the drawers of our home. Many of us may even throw them away thinking that they are of no use to us. But you need to think again – bows and ribbons are essential elements for do-it-yourselfers and will definitely come handy to us.

Even if you do not have a full roll of ribbon to work with, a small piece of it can do wonders while wrapping a gift. Ribbons come in various colors and textures. You can even add different ribbons together to create a much greater impact. If you don’t have enough ribbon at home, you can purchase ribbons online from FinerRibbon.com grosgrain ribbons and finish your project.

Ribbon Flowers

Ribbon flowers are simply one of the greatest and easiest ways to sprinkle a romantic touch to any gift. You can use these in place of a normal bow on a wrapped gift, or simply tie it around the neck of the wine bottle. This will give them a touch of sophisticated elegance. You could also make cute little ribbon flowers and put them on greeting cards.

There are many complicated ways of making ribbon flowers that will require skill and a lot of practice. This method, however, could be done by a 6-year old. It’s that easy.

So, what you need to do is, basically fold the ribbon that you have chosen in a normal back and forth pattern until it is all bundled up together. The next thing that you have to do is simple. You have to carefully pull on one of the loose ends of the ribbon and you will see it ‘magically’ arranges itself into a beautiful flower shape. Once it has attained the shape, you can stop pulling. You can then secure the shape by either gluing the end or tying it securely. You are sure to be pretty amazed with the result.

As for the wrapping material for your gift, you can co-ordinate it with the colors of your ribbon flowers. The safest colors would be the odd ones like metallic silver, beige, crimson red, and golden.

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