Living with another person can be difficult, no matter how well you know the person. It is said that you do not know about a person completely even if it is your best friend. However, done right, having a great relationship with the roommate can be ultimately rewarding. The bond between roommates may take some time to forge, but once it is strong, it is sure to last for a long, long time. It may take a long time to get to know a person but if you’re looking for a house for rent in Kalkaji, Delhi that won’t take you long, thanks to Nestaway.

After you’ve settled in with your new Flat-mates, here are some activities and ways to bond better with them.

Binge watching

Be it TV shows or movies, binge watching can really bring people closer. Just pick a movie or a set of movies or even a TV show you both like, and watch it all day. The process can seem like a lazy one but it gives you the chance to really get to know the person better and appreciate common interests. Snacking and binge watching is one of the best ways to bond with a person, so check that off your list first!

Explore awesome places

If you live in a city, there are always interesting places to explore. So, take your roommate along and start visiting places together. These spots can be restaurants, tourist attractions or even just aimless drives – it does not matter. What matters is the time you spend together, not the actual quality of your destination. If you live in large cities like Delhi or Bangalore, there are always options at your perusal.You can explore the locality only after you’ve found a place to rent, this can be quite a tiresome experience, with Nestaway you can find Flats for rent in Kalkaji, Delhi effortlessly.

Passionately agree and disagree about famous people

For us common people, gossiping about celebrities is an extremely interesting activity. Talk to your roommate about famous people and find out their opinion about these celebrities. You may or may not agree with them but that does not matter – what matters is that you voice your opinion and they accept it.


Nothing puts people at ease like knowing that others commit mistakes. There is no doubt that every human being would have been through a lot of embarrassing situations and confessing up to your roommate about them will only bring you closer together. What’s more, you might even get a few laughs out of this!

Eat together

Eating is rewarding as it is, but it can have another awesome positive too – eating together always brings people closer. So, find out about your roommates’ taste and likes and tell them about yours too. The next time you visit your favorite restaurant, take your roommate along – this helps in putting your roommate at ease.

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