If you’re thinking about a wood siding for your house, the very first factor you have to consider is the kind of wood. If you would like the vacation cabin look your selections of wood may be ponderosa, white-colored pine, cedar plank, red cedar plank, redwood, cypress, and maybe even oak. And even though this is a no-no among true wood enthusiasts, tree-huggers will need you to check out the imitations.

They create simulated aluminum log siding and pretend steel log sidings too. And you will find Wood and Cedar plank vinyl sidings too. Vinyl log siding might have you trembling your mind, saying “not a wayInch but, the price is nothing when compared with hardwood and also the maintenance is extremely little to continue the good work. The price of wood siding could be astronomical, and if you do not continue the good work, well, it will not cost much later on years.

The specs and grade from the wood also matters – for example should you decide on a Western Red Cedar plank there’s Kiln Dried Obvious Siding, Dry Knotty Sidings, and Eco-friendly “unseasoned Siding grades – with another look, and feel and drastically different in cost too. The colour of wood siding obviously changes with the kind of wood and also the region where the wood was taken, which forest and exact types of tree.

It is best to purchase your wood in one location in the same vendor so the color is the same, as despite are applying protective coatings you could have variations colored. And a few folks such as this since it provides the home personality, other people who tend to be more detailed and perfectionists frequently wince at the sight.

Wood Composite Siding is yet another concept to consider on, as composite wood siding is available in two variations and lots of selections of materials too. Plywood style sheet is a variation, and particle laminated boards another. It’s all regulated dependent on taste, but because one recent realtor cautioned, don’t get too exotic, as the roi at resale may be tough.