In the past the bathroom was the most boring room in the house, used only quickly to get ready for work, get clean at the end of the day, and brush teeth. Nowadays you do not have to settle for a boring bathroom. More and more people are making their bathrooms their own private havens, setting up a spa-like space that allows for full relaxation and pampering – without even leaving the house. If you’d love a spa in your home it’s really not that hard. Take a look at these quick tips for creating a spa in your bathroom.

  1. Add Wooden Décor

Or, fake-wood décor, since wood is not ideal for a steamy place like the bathroom. You have a variety of options including fake wood tiles as well as wall coverings that look like they are encasing a log cabin or a Swedish sauna. This will really give your bathroom the spa look, and they are not that expensive.

  1. Keep Things Clutter-Free

Spas do not have overflowing baskets full of old shampoo bottles and mouldy boxes of sticking plasters. Get rid of all the clutter from your bathroom in order to turn it into a restful spa haven. Put essential items into covered wicker baskets or keep them in cupboards. Any non-essential items can be removed from the room.

  1. Get a Great Shower

Shower Cubicles can really help you create a spa in your own home. Rain showers are excellent for providing a drenching, luxurious shower at home. Steam showers allow you to create your very own steam room in the bathroom. Consider splashing out on a great shower cubicle in order to revamp your entire bathroom.


  1. Dim the Lights

You don’t go into a spa to find it bathing under the glare of fluorescent strip lights. Instead, spas are dimly lit with soothing candles and oils burning. It makes a big difference if you install a dimmer switch on your bathroom lights, or you install a separate set of lights that provide subdued lighting when you do not want the overhead light switched on.

  1. Add Spa-Style Decoration

Paint the walls a calming, natural tone like clay or soft blue. It is a good idea to bring in elements of the natural world to create a spa in your bathroom, for example ferns and plants, stones, and natural materials for countertops and floors.

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